International Alumni Wanted!

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Are you a graduate of the University of Opole who left Poland and currently lives abroad? Or are you a foreign graduate of the UO? If so, contact your Alma-Mater, share your professional life story after graduation, and become a ‘UO Ambassador’!

The ‘International Alumni Club’ project has just started at the University of Opole. The project aims at establishing a long-term cooperation with international alumni of the University of Opole. The project’s goals are, among others, to recognize their achievements and successes, and create conditions conducive to using their knowledge and experience in the education process and career development of current UO students.

We are presently working on a database of UO foreign graduates and we would like to encourage graduates to send their CV to UO Ambassadors will be chosen during the Graduate Gala, held at the University of Opole in May 2020. Graduates will then have an opportunity to conduct workshops for current UO students and share their experience of entering the labour market.

The University will cover travel and accommodation costs for 10 selected graduates.

 * International alumnus - a foreign graduate of 1st, 2nd or 3rd-degree studies or a Polish graduate who, after completing his/her studies in Poland, went abroad and has lived there ever since.

The project is financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange under the International Alumni programme.